Welcome to Incrementum

Incrementum AG is an owner-managed and fully licensed asset manager & wealth manager based in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Our business focus is the management of investment funds that we believe to be unique.

What makes us exceptional in the traditional asset management space? We evaluate all our investments not only in perspective of the global economy but in context of the current state of the global monetary regime. This analysis produces what we consider a truly holistic view of the state of financial markets. We believe our profound understanding of monetary history, out-of-the-box reasoning and prudent research allows our clients to prosper in this difficult market environment.

Over the longest periods of human history precious metals were used as money. Since over 40 years we are once again experiencing an exception to this rule. Nowadays money derives its value solely from government regulation or by law (‘fiat money’). Beginning in 2007, the current global financial system has entered an increasingly unstable stage, which from our point of view exhibits extreme risks and on the other hand exceptional opportunities for financial wealth.

We believe our investment team offers a distinct skillset that has proven to be extremely valuable for us as investors in these uncertain markets. Among our partners are experts within the field of:

  • Austrian Investing
  • Absolute Return
  • Fundamental Bottom Up Research
  • Precious Metals

Our boutique approach combines unconventional thinking with state of the art asset management wisdom. Our independence allows us to communicate without bias and our flexibility enables us to respond to evolving markets rapidly. Our intention is to deliver a select range of investment funds, which we believe will grow incrementally during stable as well as during challenging economic times.